Novaris Team

1 Eltsovka Street 1kP12 · Novosibirsk, Russia 630000 · +7 (383) 207-80-00 ·

We are developing high loaded distributed applications, with strong fault tolerance requirements. The development cycle includes architecture design, code writing, testing, implementation and documentation.


Rostelecom - the largest digital services provider in Russia.

Exclusive solution

Implementaion very high load call system. System work 24/7. Based on Novaris Call System.

The notification system is designed for mass voice notification, taking into account the fixation of the success of the notification

March 2016 - Present

FIT Service

Exclusive solution

Delivery of content through SIP, IVR, SMPP, Viber, Push. Based on Novaris Call System.

The system routes traffic to alerts based on specified criteria. Adapted interface, taking into account the work of non-technical specialists.

June 2017 - December 2017


Qualified support

Technical support and development IOT System "EyesOnT"

EyesOnT™ is an IoT Optimization and Connectivity monitoring system for MVNOs, MNOs, and Enterprises. EyesonT analyses real-time usage, billing, and rate plan data to detect anomalies and inefficiencies, while using alarms and automated steps to proactively reduce inefficient connectivity costs and faults well before the end of the billing cycle.

May 2014 - Present

Used technologies

We love free software and contribute to its development. In our projects, we use solutions like a:

  • FreeSwitch
  • iDempiere & SpagoBI
  • PostgreSQL
  • Spring & Hibernate
  • Liferay

Also we have large experience in design and creation of corporate databases (billing systems, high load DB, ERD). We make database performance analysing, tracing, debugging and optimization. Stored procedures implementation.


Programming Languages & Tools
  • Modeling software
  • Testing & Debugging
  • Cross Functional Teams
  • Agile Development & Scrum

Our projects

  • Novaris Call System. High load call system based on FreeSwitch and Oracle/PostgreSQL database.

  • Novaris ERP System based on iDempiere and SpagoBI.

  • Novaris Monitoring System based on Novaris ERP.